Stating the Obvious – rebutting the Hungarian Government’s response to the Reasoned Proposal in the Article 7 procedure against Hungary – a reaction paper by NGOs

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The present document, prepared by Hungarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs), is a reaction paper to the Hungarian Government’s updated Information Note to the General Affairs Council of the European Union on the Resolution on Hungary adopted by the European Parliament on 12 September 2018, submitted in the framework of the procedure under Article 7(1) TEU against Hungary (hereafter referred to as “Information Note”). The reaction paper collates the most significant false or misleading statements of the Government’s Information Note and rebuttals by civil society organisations thereto, along with pointing out the most important instances when the Hungarian Government failed to react to the concerns included in the EP resolution (hereafter referred to as “Reasoned Proposal”). It also contains the most important new developments in the area of rule of law and human rights in Hungary since the adoption of the Reasoned Proposal. While doing so, the reaction paper focuses on the parts of the Government’s Information Note that are relevant for the procedure under Article 7(1) TEU. The reaction paper follows the structure of the Reasoned Proposal and the Information Note, primarily uses the chapter headings and sub-headings applied by the Information Note, and mostly covers only the issues listed in these documents. Therefore, it should not be considered a full account of the rule of law and human rights situation in Hungary. ***

The reaction paper was prepared by the following NGOs: Amnesty International Hungary, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Hungarian LGBT Alliance, Mérték Media Monitor, Transparency International Hungary. Chapter (6) on academic freedom was prepared by the Hungarian Academy Staff Forum. The part “Criminalising homelessness” in Chapter (12) was prepared by the Streetlawyer Association.