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Our Aims

The Right to Housing


One of the main long term aims of the Street Lawyer Association is to guarantee in law and to enforce in practice the right to housing in Hungary. On one hand we find it essential that the right to housing is guaranteed in the highest legal level, in the Hungarian constitution. On the other hand we find it indispensable for the Hungarian legislature to adopt concrete laws to provide decent housing, the government should establish an institutional system to enforce the right to housing, social housing of appropriate size from the municipalities and uniform, transparent and non-discriminatory housing regulation.

The real equality of rights for homeless people and to the ones living in housing poverty


An equally important aim of the Street Lawyer Association is achieving the real equality of rights for homeless and housing poverty people. This means not only the abolition of the discrimination against them, but also increasing their ability to effectively enforce their rights. Within this, one of our main tasks is the abolition of the criminalizing legislation on homelessness, which includes the abolition of rules prohibiting living on the street, dumpster diving, scrapping, or asking for money on the streets. The other significant area where homeless people are generally discriminated against is their address, in the lack of which they are missing a series of basic services. Our goal is to create a home address system that eliminates the discrimination of homeless people.

Homeless and housing poverty people know and enforce their rights


Simultaneously with legal and jurisdictional changes, it is an important aim of the Street Lawyer Association to make homeless and housing poverty people to be aware of their rights and know how to enforce them. To achieve this, they need to be informed about their rights and the legal issues and solutions that often affect them, in an accessible and comprehensible way. In addition to strict legal advocacy the Street Lawyer Association is fighting to get these groups to participate more actively in shaping the regulations and laws that affect them, in the broader political and public life, and to enable them to live with the democratic institutional system.

Lawyer mass base fighting for social rights


Additionally to reaching the people affected by the housing crisis, we aim to influence lawyers, lawmakers, increase their knowledge, commitment to the protection and enforcement of social rights, especially the right to housing, and to broaden the range of lawyers who are showing solidarity with the ones in need, who can be partners in advocacy or provide free legal assistance or representation in a trial.

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