/“If it wasn’t for my neighbour taking us in, my grandson would be in state care”

“If it wasn’t for my neighbour taking us in, my grandson would be in state care”

Our Client, Mónika Rácz and her grandson was evicted on 15th of July by the 8th District local government. Now they are staying at one of their neighbours. Mónika has found an affordable flat since then and she would like to ask for help to get two months of deposit, which is HUF 150000. Please support Mónika, so she can stay and live in dignity with her grandson. We are waiting for your kind donations at the following bank account number: 12010855-01571316-00100009 (Kiss Rita)

We are at HUF 42000 and missing a little more than HUF 100000. Thank you for the donations so far, this is a huge help for the family.

Mónika Rácz is asking for help:

“I’m Mónika Rácz, I am raising my sick grandson alone. Since 2003 I have been living in Népszínház Street, from where I was evicted on the 15th of July. I did everything to settle our debt with the local government caused by the loss of my son’s job and come to an agreement. In the end, the 8th District city municipality wrote about two month ago, that there is no chance for a settlement.

By that time I was only asking for time, so that we can find another place to live. We didn’t get any.

The Family Counselor told us, that they would take my grandson in a month, if we do not have a flat to live at. If it weren’t for my neighbour taking us in, my 8-years-old grandson would be in state care.

I tried every solution and now I found an apartment, where we could go and we could pay for it.

Paying the two months of deposit (HUF 150000) on the spot is a difficulty for us, which is the reason why we are asking for Your help now. This chance is my only hope so that I do not get on the streets and my grandson gets to grow up in his family.

Please help us in our cause!

Thank you very much.

Mónika Rácz”

Bank Account Number: 12010855-01571316-00100009 (Kiss Rita)

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