The results of 2018 – 4000 hours of volunteering work

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In 2018, the Streetlawyer was out on Blaha Lujza Sq on 52 Fridays, with two hours every Friday, so we offered a free-of-charge legal advice in 104 hours. A total of 361 cases were filed, which in 80% we were able to provide some kind of substantial assistance to our clients, either in writing petitions, on the phone, or in representation, primarily in housing matters. In eleven cases, we provided free representation. That’s about 578 working hours. In addition, we are available on the phone every weekday between 4pm and 6pm, about forty working hours per month, 2080 per year.

During our weekly meetings, we talk about our cases, strategies and discuss our ongoing litigation and trainings. Approximately 4,000 volunteer hours were spent in 2018 to provide effective legal assistance to homeless people and people living in housing poverty.

Our team expanded twice in 2018, with six at the beginning of the year, and four more in September, bringing together a total of nineteen volunteer lawyers in the organization, and four other volunteer activists helping the Streetlawyer.

Since October 15, 2018 – the criminalisation homelessness -, we have represented three homeless people in Budapest. In addition, we wrote to the Ombudsman asking to address the Constitutional Court, created legal guides detailing the most important information about the procedure to homeless people and to lawyers who could potentially be assigned to protect the homeless people being subjected to the proceedings, and also created a separate telephone hotline specifically for these cases.

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