Rules of entering court buildings during the pandemic

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Although hearings are ongoing, access to court buildings is restricted.

You need to register in advance if:

  • you would like to access the file of your court case,
  • you would like to attend a hearing as audience,
  • you would like to seek assistance (to participate in a ‘complaint day’). 

Is there a deadline for registration? Registrations should be made 24 hours in advance. 

How can I register? You can register through the phone number or email address published on the website of the relevant court.

In case you are summonsed or notified by the court to be present at the hearing, there is no need to register.

 In case you want to submit a document to the court you can do it

  • by post, 
  • electronically, through the electronic Client Gate (“Ügyfélkapu”), 
  • by leaving it in a designated box at the court building. 

Thus, at the moment it is not possible to hand in documents to the court in person.

Tip: Make sure you check for up-to-date information on the court’s website, 2 days in advance. 

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