SLA welcomes the proposals of the European Parliament

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The Streetlawyer Association (SLA) welcomes the proposals supported by the European Parliament which target the elimination of homelessness in the EU by 2030. The initiators of the proposal acknowledged the fact that the number of homeless people has increased by 70% in the last ten years and thus the proposal responds to the situation accordingly.

We agree with those assessments of the proposal as well, which identify homelessness as one of the most serious types of poverty, the reasons of which are a combination of structural, institutional and personal circumstances. Furthermore, we are supporting the recommendation that member states should decriminalise homelessness and should provide equal access to health care, social services and education to homeless people.

As we have previously reported, the Streetlawyer Association wrote letters to all European MPs on 13 October 2019. In this letter we asked the politicians to use all means available to them to fight against the crackdown campaign the Hungarian Government started against homeless people in 2011. We drew their attention to the amendments of the Fundamental Law and the Act of Misdemeanors, which allowed the criminalisation of homeless people.

We call on the European Commission that in case the European Parliament adopts this proposal, implement this ambitious program, which may be the solution to the pressing social problem of homelessness.

A cikket Utcajogász önkéntes fordította. / This article was translated by a volunteer of SLA.