Call for housing applications in Budapest April 2020

The following page contains the housing applications in Budapest for available in April 2020, collected by the Streetlawyer Association. We ask our friends to notify us at, if the list contains any mistakes or if they have knowledge about applications not listed below.

You can find useful information on housing rental and social housing rental applications, facts and misconceptions about renting by clicking here.

You can find a short guide on social housing rental applications made in cooperation with The City is for All Group here.

The Streetlawyer Association temporarily suspended its personal consultations due to the pandemic situation. Online consultation is avalible between 15:00 and 17:00 on Fridays via messenger, phone consultation is available every day between 17:00 and 20:00.

District II

The call for housing applications for the period between the 4th of March and the 3rd of April has been suspended on the 19th of March. The applications submitted until the 18th of March have been accepted, however further applications cannot be submitted during the suspension period.

For further information please visit:

District XI

1. Call for applications for the rental of studio apartments for young people

For further information please visit:

The available apartments are located under Fehérvári út 182-190/B.

Deadline for applications: 3rd of April 2020 12:00

2. Call for application for interest free housing loans

For further information please visit:

Deadline for applications: 31st of May 2020

With regards to the pandemic situation we collected groups where housing offerings for healthcare workers can be made:


Közösségi felajánlások a vírus felszámolásában segítőknek


Budapesti Airbnb közösség az egészségügyi dolgozókért


Pihentesd a dokit – Jótékonysági csoport egészségügyi dolgozók támogatására


The Streetlawyer Association provides legal assistance for homeless people and those in need in regards of housing. If you face uncertanty or violation of regulations related to housing contact us:

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