Presentation of the project

The Punitive Local Governments publication is the result of months of joint work by the volunteer lawyers of the Streetlawyers Association and a systematic review of the selected municipal district municipal decrees. We hope that the situation we outline will help local decision-makers to legitimately exercise the mandate they have gained from the confidence of their constituents. And voters are encouraged to vote for local MPs who see their position as a service and not as an opportunity to exercise power.

Download the publication via this link (in Hungarian only)

A photo from the press event on presentation of the publication.

Municipalities can provide rules for community coexistence. This has been interpreted by each municipality as criminalising certain behaviors that it does not find desirable. It is incomprehensible why these regulations only contain sanctioning rules and why they do not contain supporting, confirmatory provisions. However, a significant number of regulations suffer from serious legislative errors. We have prepared an alternative decree of a fictional city “Freetown”, as an example of a well written, supportive community coexistence municipal decree.

Download the alternative decree via this link (in Hungarian only)

And finally, here you can read our summary of where one can vote in the 2019 municipal elections based on the home address.

Download the 2019 municipal elections guide via this link (in Hungarian only)