The Streetlawyer Association

About us

Who are we? 

Since its inception in 2010, the Streetlawyer Association provides free legal aid mostly by volunteer lawyers to people in need, primarily to homeless people, and people in bad or insecure housing focusing on the fields of social rights and housing. 

We are fighting for a just and inclusive society, for a society where human rights, especially social rights are respected, where everyone’s opportunity for participation in social and political affairs is guaranteed, and access to adequate housing is secured for all by law and in practice. 

Currently 22 lawyers and 3 activists with other background work together so that everyone has the chance to have proper housing, no one is discriminated or criminalized just because of being homeless or poor, no one misses out on legal aid because they do not have money for a lawyer, and the state and municipalities adhere to their obligations to citizens and residents by respecting human rights and dignity. 

The volunteers’ work is coordinated by two part-time managing directors, who are supported by three legal coordinators, two project managers and a project assistant, a communication, and a fundraising specialist. Apart from the two managing directors and a project manager who work 20 hours per week, other staff works 10 hours per week.    

Legal Clinic on Blaha Lujza Sq, Budapest

We are the only organization working for the rights of poor people in Hungary.

We give legal support in around 2000 cases, requests per year.

25 of our volunteers work altogether appr. 6422 hours per year.

For 11 years we have been providing free legal aid at the Blaha square each Friday.