The Streetlawyer

Streetlawyer Association (SLA) – Utcajogász Egyesület (UJE)

The Streetlawyer Association is a human rights NGO working to enforce the rights and interests of homeless people and people living in housing poverty. We are fighting for a just and inclusive society in which human rights, in particular social rights, are ensured and everyone is socially involved, and access to decent housing is guaranteed to everyone in law and in practice too. The Association is advocating for and promoting the rights of people who are prosecuted because they live on the streets or suffering any kind of violation of rights or discrimination due to their position.

SLA’s professional work is entirely voluntary. The Association is operated by two directors, who are members of the association. The Association consists of volunteering, pro bono lawyers, associate lawyers and law students and three activists with other background.

The Streetlawyer Association has been operating its free legal aid program at Blaha Lujza Sq, one of the busiest traffic junctions of Budapest for more than eight years, during which time we have provided legal opinions and aid to more than 300 people per year. The Legal Aid program takes place every Friday where we get in touch with new and existing clients. (In good weather the table is by the fountain, in bad weather the two volunteers are in the underpass, near the metro entrance.)

Streetlawyers are volunteer lawyers who host legal aid service on Blaha Lujza Sq, Budapest, where they give legal advice to them free of charge. In most cases, Streetlawyers do not only provide help on the spot, but engage in litigation in various cases, in official proceedings, in cases of petty offenses and various social benefit cases, and in a large number of eviction proceedings.

We ask our clients to if they should have a question regarding an ongoing or exact case, to bring all the relevant official documents with themselves, as this is the way we can help them the most efficiently.

In order to keep providing an efficient service, we thought it is important to define, whom and with what kind of cases we can deal with.

The people who can seek the help of the Streetlawyers are the ones, who are living in housing poverty (e.g. problems with paying the rent, bad housing conditions, fears of eviction) with their housing related legal questions and homeless people with every legal case they might have.

We are providing legal opinions via email of individuals falling into the above-mentioned categories at utcajogasz@gmail.com, if the case is simple and can be solved online. In any other case, we either must reject the case, or we refer it to a personal meeting, most commonly at the Friday Legal Aid.

We cannot help people in the cases for example editing a document which requires the signature of a lawyer (real estate purchase contract), representation in marriage trials, business-related matters, with regard to matters of getting under guardianship or its termination (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is one responsible in these cases) and we reserve the right to reject ethically questionable cases.

We also operate two hotlines where urgent cases are dealt with. In urgent eviction cases you can call us at our telephone number +3620-282-3616 – can be called from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Due to the change in The Fundamental Law of Hungary and the Law on Misdemeanours in effect since 15 October 2018. “residing on public premises for habitation” is now punishable all over the country. those prosecuted because they live on the streets or are currently under such procedure can call us on our Petty Offence Defense hotline at +3670 224 4147.

Representatives of the press, please contact us at +36 30 601 0355 or via our email address.